Electronic Signature Solutions – Custom or 3rd Party

Many businesses, in an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, are turning to electronic signatures. Keeping files electronic from creation through distribution and signature and into networked storage helps to eliminate expenses in almost every aspect of the business. Deciding how to implement an electronic signature solution into the business can be a daunting task.

Limitations of Custom “In House” Development
Large companies are sometimes in a position to create their own “In-House” customized proprietary solutions. While these systems may solve the immediate business need, they have limitations. VeriSign, one of the largest PKI solution providers, admits in their paper “ROI for PKI” [https://privasign.com/whitepaper.asp#pki] that – “PKI systems are particularly expensive to maintain.”

One-off solutions are more expensive because only one company is supporting the cost of development, implementation and continued support. This produces both short and long-term expenses that many companies do not originally take into account. Even if cost is a non-issue, developing a solution to one company’s business problem can create a lack of functionality and expandability.

Problems with “Out of House” 3rd Party Services
The number one issue with most third party service providers is lack of freedom as control and power is often taken away from their users by restricting the type of file that can be used or how the information is presented. A business wants the freedom of getting a signature on any file type without having to convert it to MS Word or Adobe PDF. Users also want the freedom of usability – knowing that their customers can use any operating system and any internet browser. Most services do not have this flexibility.

Users often feel they have lost their freedom when they must pay expensive setup fees. Or they may not be willing to invest in a service that they may find does not suit their needs.

A New Approach to Electronic Signatures
Unlike previous electronic signature services, PrivaSign gives users the flexibility to use any file type and to have complete control of the creation and presentation of the file. Anyone can use PrivaSign with no setup fees or cancellation charges, users simply pay for the files they have signed. The PrivaSign solution is a smart decision for either large companies or single users wishing to save time and money.

PrivaSign’s patented technology allows for fast digital signature capturing on virtually any document and from any web browser. This flexibility will allow businesses to keep implementation costs at a minimum and increase the likelihood that signatories will be able to use the system.

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