How Reliable is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is one of the most robust and high-performance website hosting platforms available now. Not only does it offer a speedy performance, but it also does so at reasonable prices. In fact, its low pricing is one of its biggest selling points. Even the smallest Cloud Hosting provider will offer you a hassle-free hosting experience. Apart from its pricing, it has one more desirable characteristic.

Cloud Hosting is among the most reliable hosting platforms. In a day and age where services are expected to be available 24×7, a reliable hosting platform is essential for success. Even a minute of unexpected downtime could prove to be harmful for a website’s reputation. The best Cloud Hosting providers will assure you almost 100% uptime.

Let’s take a closer look to understand how reliable Cloud Hosting is.

1. Cloud Hosting offers 99.9% uptime

Uptime is the amount of time a  website is available to its users. Apart from scheduled maintenance, a website should be up and running for its users all the time. This is especially true for high-traffic websites such as eCommerce portals, banking websites and other crucial services like file syncing servers. Cloud Hosting offers up to 99.9% uptime, which is among the best in the industry.

2. It can easily resist a DDoS attack

Cloud Hosting employs multiple servers to host the website data. As such, it has the resources of all the servers at its disposal. A DDoS attack works by bombarding your website with relentless user requests until the server crashes under the load. It is almost impossible to overwhelm Cloud Website Hosting in this manner because of its access to extensive resources. It gives you enough time to deploy countermeasures before your website crashes.

3. It rarely suffers from hardware outage

The wear and tear that hosting hardware undergo every day may take its toll at an unexpected time. In other hosting platforms, if the hosting server crashes, it takes the website down along with it. But this does not happen in Cloud Hosting. If one of the servers in the Cloud Hosting servers goes down for some reason, a different one takes its place and keeps your website running.

4. It protects your data against unexpected loss

Website data is a crucial business asset. If lost, it can set back a business by many months, if not years. Backups are one way of ensuring that you do not lose your website data. Cloud Hosting does it a bit differently. It hosts your website’s data on multiple servers. That way, if one server gets corrupted or infected by a virus, your data remains safe and accessible from other servers.

5. Scalability assures reliability

Website resources play a big part in ensuring a hosting service’s reliability. A sudden surge in traffic may cause a server to run out of resources. Cloud Hosting is an easily scalable hosting solution. So if a website’s resources seem to be running out, you can quickly add more before it reaches the critical point. It ensures more reliability.

The following video demonstrates how Cloud Hosting managed traffic surges –

Cloud Hosting is a fast and versatile hosting solution which is also very reliable. Host your website with Cloud Hosting and get a stable hosting platform.