Internet Marketing – Squeeze Page Or Sales Letter – Which Is The More Profitable Model?

There are kinds of models that Internet marketers generally use for their own direct marketing websites – the squeeze page (also known as the opt-in page) or the traditional online marketing sales letter.

Both methods can work like crazy.

One way would be test those methods over 200 clicks from AdWords and see which one performs better. Then again this depends on what your goal is:

1) To get signups


2) To get immediate sales

While a sales letter ‘may’ get more initial sales and better ROI initially, it might pull in less subscribers, which might mean lesser long-term profits.

On the other hand, if your sales letter is way outperforming your squeeze page in terms of getting immediate sales, then you might want to use the sales letter and add in an opt-in form near the top of the page or in the middle of the copy or even as a drop-down box.

If your squeeze page gets more sales initially, then that would be the near perfect combo of course, although it might prove to deflect affiliates if your attention is to get an affiliate force to promote for you.

So the goal is to really test both models to see which is the better model for your product and your business. It also pays to test different models of squeeze pages and sales letters themselves. For example, you might want to test short copy versus long copy, different headlines, and even different call-to-actions to see which generates the best response and gives you the best bang for your buck.

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