Why and how to choose the best Online PLC Training In 2021?

We all live in some very difficult times. It’s hard to keep your job whatever it is. Even if you have it easy keeping your job, chances are great you’re being underpaid.

Engineers are usually paid well. They also have a steady and secure job. The average pay for engineers in the US is just over $91,000 per year. That puts them in the top paid jobs in the country. In other words, it’s great being an engineer. See more about this on the link.

PLC engineers are a different category. They are specialized in controlling and programming programmable logic controllers. These controllers are made for giving orders to machines in factories. In this article, we’re showing you why it’s smart to retrain and start learning about becoming a PLC engineer. Read on if you want to know more!

The industry is changing rapidly

All predictions claim that this decade is going to be a turning point in the industry. We all remember the great industrial revolution some 120 years ago. The change from manual labor to machines made turmoil in the entire world.

Millions of people lost their jobs. The world changed from its core. Everyone had to adjust to the new system which eventually led to World War One. People were not ready for such great change.

Something similar is going to happen now, and everyone should be ready this time. We have history, knowledge, and resources to prevent people to be left on the streets.

What is going to happen is Automation. Most of the jobs are being done by machines in factories, but there are still people working in industries that are not connected to heavy labor. The problem is that automation and artificial intelligence are taking over more jobs.

Why is AI taking over?

Simply because it’s more affordable for business owners to employ an AI robot. Machines have become so good at what they do that there’s no logic to keep people at the job. Machines are faster, more precise, and work harder. They don’t need a break, they don’t ever go home, and they ask for no paycheck.

It’s cruel, but such is life. People need to find an alternative if they want to survive and stay out of the streets. AI and automation in machines still need to be controlled. According to experts, the world is going to lose 800 million jobs, but at the same time, 1.2 billion new will be created.

The only thing that’s important here is that those 800 million will need to retrain and learn new skills that are more needed in the job market. Being a PLC engineer is a great thing to learn. It means you’ll never be out of a job.

Why choose PLC?

The new industrial revolution is going to introduce machines in some traditional jobs and put people out of them. Almost all industries will be affected. However, machines won’t be able to work unless someone gives them the order to do a particular job.

In factories, AI robots will do almost everything by themselves. However, people are those who will tell them what needs to be done. At the moment, and certainly, in the future, the machines will receive orders through programmable logic controllers.

The PLC gives them orders. Through these programs, robots will know what must be done. PLC use their own language that only engineers understand. This is why it’s smart learning to do this. If you learn this, you’ll never be out of a job, and you’ll be responsible for controlling and giving orders to robots.

How to find the best training?

Since we live in a year of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clear that going to school and learning in person is not an option. This is why you should be opting for online training.

Finding the best online programmable logic control training is not easy. There are tons of courses for all different levels. You need to choose one of the many. How to know which one is the most suitable for you? Keep on reading and see!

Always look for the right level

PLC programming is a complex issue. If you have never worked on something like this, it means you’re an absolute beginner. You need to look for beginner lessons. These will teach you everything from the foundations of the business. You’ll learn the terminology, what the PLC is doing, and everything that goes with the job.

Choosing an intermediate or expert level is for those who already have previous experience in the business. They are going to learn the secrets and will become the best engineers they can be. If you already worked on PLC, look for a higher level of training.

Find a skilled and experienced trainer

The most important thing in choosing a PLC course is to find a person who’s perfect for the job. You need someone who will be a true expert.

For this, you need to look on the internet. Check out the web sites of every different course and see who’s going to give you the lecturing. Check out their background. What kind of education they have, and more importantly, what is their work experience.

If they are skilled in PLC through courses and they have no working experience in the field, then you know you’re looking at the wrong profile. However, if you’ve found someone who has worked many years in the field of PLC programming and is now teaching others then you’re looking at the right person.

See if previous clients are satisfied

What previous clients think about the training is crucial. Being satisfied during and after the course is essential for proper learning. Someone might be as skilled as possible, but if they don’t know how to transfer their knowledge, then that’s not a great trainer.

Open the course’s page you’re about to take and see the reviews part. See what people have to say about it. Are they satisfied with what they’ve got? Are they happy with the knowledge received? If most of the clients are happy, then you know you’ll be too. Only opt for the one course which previous clients claim it’s great.


Choosing to learn PLC programming is one of the smartest ideas you can make for yourself today. The world is changing and is not waiting for us. Learn new skills and become an expert in another field that will guarantee a job in the future. However, be sure that you’re choosing well so you can always be happy.