3 Little-Known Internet Marketing Secrets For Using Local Business to Do Research For Your Site

You can use these Internet marketing secrets to use local businesses to get research help on how to create your own website. Let’s say someone is interested in a website on how to start and own a dog groomer. If he wants to interview them just to learn the business, I would just tell him to call some local dog groomers and tell them I’m thinking of getting into the business or I’m looking for information for my website and I’d just simply ask them. 

If they’re hesitant about delivering information, you can bribe them, you can say, “Hey, can I pay you for your time?  Can I pay you for some consulting time and advice?”  And you give them $50 to spend it with you on the phone for an hour.  Certainly that would be worth it if you could make sure that you would have the rights to the audio recording and be able to use that. 

That’s another way to go too.  If you want it for free, and you want to get the information for free, you can tell them that you’ll interview them and you’ll give them the recording and you’ll interview them all about their pet grooming business and you say, “I’ll do the interview.  I’ll produce and I’ll edit it and I will give you a master of this recording that you can use to help promote your pet grooming business.” 

So if someone calls up on the phone and they’re thinking about you, they can send them to a website that can play that interview that could help them sell their credibility and their pet grooming service.  Or they can put it on a CD and distribute that to customers who are thinking about their services.

By just asking for research, you can get information and business for your site.

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