August 10, 2022

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5 Questions to Ask Your Dedicated Hosting Provider

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A Dedicated Server is one of the most reliable and secure hosting options around, and thus, preferred by many site owners. With a Dedicated Hosting environment, you can install custom applications and create a site experience that makes an impact. Also, it offers complete control over the security of the server. However, all benefits aside, choosing the right Dedicated Server Hosting plan is vital in ensuring that you get the best package for your website. Today, we are going to list five questions that you need to ask your Dedicated Hosting provider before signing on the dotted line.

Q1. Are you familiar with the hosting requirements of websites from my industry?

Let’s say that you are launching an e-commerce portal. When you buy a Dedicated Server plan, ensure that the hosting company is aware of how e-commerce platforms work and what the regular hosting requirements of such platforms are. On the other hand, if you are launching a news portal, then the host should be aware of the requirements of a news website. In a nutshell, ensure that the Dedicated Server Hosting plan offered by the provider is right for your business.

Q2. How do you manage traffic spikes?

When you buy Dedicated Server Hosting in India, the web hosting company optimises the infrastructure for an estimated peak load. Hence, if you are not operating at maximum capacity, you are spending on resources that you are not using. If you try to reduce the resources and costs, then you run the risk of a slow website or worse. Also, in a Dedicated Hosting environment, adding resources is usually reactive – after the traffic spikes hit. It can lead to an underperforming website. Hence, it is essential to ask your hosting provider if the scaling requirements are met in real-time or not.

Q3. How do you ensure faster speeds?

A slow-loading website can spell doom for any business. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your site speed is as per the expectations of the online community. While a Dedicated Server offers a reliable and secure hosting environment, you need to ask the host about the techniques used to ensure faster websites. Also, check if the web hosting company provides a content delivery network (CDN) or permits you to use your own.

Q4. What disaster recovery solutions do you offer?

We are talking about the resilience of the hosting architecture and backup plans in case something goes wrong. While the host can try to offer maximum uptime, a bad line of code is all that it takes to bring a site down. Hence, check with your host about disaster recovery solutions in case there is downtime due to reasons beyond their control. The idea is to understand how quickly the host can get you up and running during such times.

Q5. How many processes can I completely automate?

This requirement is unique to Dedicated Server users. Traditionally, most site owners using a Dedicated Server would hire a team of technical professionals to manage the server and take care of the regular processes. However, today, automation is the key to success as it saves time and a lot of money. If the host does not support automation of processes, then all the other features diminish in value.

Summing Up

While Dedicated Servers are considered to be at the top of the hosting services list, buying a Dedicated Server Hosting plan requires some research. Remember, this is one of the costliest hosting services available. Ensure that you ask the right questions and choose the best Dedicated Server for your site. Good Luck! © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.