6 reasons that make WordPress exceptional for SEO

6 Exceptional WordPress SEO Tips to Get You On Top of the Search Rankings -  Nigeria Technology Guide

Search optimization for websites is a necessity for numerous organizations leveraging the power of digital media. So much so that many companies largely depend on it to drive traffic to their websites. Since the importance of these activities has increased over the years, hosting providers as well as web developers made changes to their products to make it SEO friendly. 

Which is why, while choosing a hosting for a website, SEO specialists swear by WordPress hosting. For one, it allows different optimization options. Also, it is known to boost the speed of the WordPress site. But this isn’t enough. If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting for your new website, there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to search. Let’s see why WordPress is the best for SEO. 

1. Allows use of pretty permalinks
The permalinks are the URLs on your site. You can, without much of an effort, alter your permalinks when you deal with your WordPress dashboard. When you alter it from ‘https://yoursite.com/?p=123’ to an arrangement like ‘http://yoursite.com/%postname%/’, it is better for the web indexes and for your guests, who ought to have the capacity to make sense of the subject of your article from the connection.

The permalinks can influence your positioning on the SERP in two different ways:

a) Right keywords play a critical role in boosting the website up the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page, a ) ladder with URL that is keyword rich.

b) Pretty permalinks help to build the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your posts on the web crawlers.

CTR is the active visitor clicking percentage which is a Google positioning component. When you get fewer clicks than anticipated, Google will drop you down a few spots while enhancing the situation of locales with a high CTR. Hence, tweaking the permalinks is an approach that is preferred rather than abandoning them altogether.

2. Includes metadata automatically
The SEO title and the meta description are two noteworthy variables that determine quality optimization. You can add them to almost every post and page of your website. This activity boosts your position on the SERP since the title and meta descriptions help to build your CTR (this is because both components are distinguishable on web crawlers). This procedure does not take more than a couple of minutes. In case you don’t wish to include the metadata physically, a module/integration like Yoast SEO will get the required data from the title and the main sentences of your substance.

3. Optimized images
Pictures and images make your content look all the more fascinating and enhance the clarity of the topic. It influences your SEO in a roundabout way since they enhance customer experiences. WordPress optimizes the images which are easy for search engines to pick up by compressing the image that search engines can find quickly. It saves every designer’s and professional’s time when it comes to compressing images. However, the pictures ought to be quality ones and pertinent to your articles. In case you have to streamline your pictures for SEO, you can alter choices of a picture and fill in the “Elective Text” box. For the best outcome, you can incorporate a variant of your keyword. By doing this you can tweak your articles, only to be a few seconds away from streamlining any picture for SEO on your page. You can also alter the size of a picture to enhance the page speed. This will boost the SEO of your website. 

4. Faster site speed
Site speed is definitely a key parameter when we talk about SEO. If the speed of your hosting is slow or even if your hosting faces frequent down times, chances are that Google will prefer a website that resolves quickly. WordPress hosting puts site speed on high priority and ensures that there are more peaks than troughs when it comes to uptime. One of the key reasons being WordPress servers are state-of-the-art. For the individuals who as of now utilize the best WordPress hosting, site speed ought not to be an issue. One can also discover modules and integrations that were really made to enhance site speed.

5. Online network integration
If you are connected with your audience via social media, your rankings will definitely be better.
It isn’t about the number of followers you have but how dynamic other individuals are in your posts (likes, comments, shares). This indirectly helps you to boost your website’s positioning in the search pages. With WordPress, one of the key advantages is that you can also automate your blog posts and schedule them as you want at any particular time. Also, there is no limit to the social media integrations you can have. One can be on several social media sites since they have a good following as well as a bulk of active users.

6. Mobile device optimization
The amount of web crawling activities from cell phones and tablets has expanded in the last few years. Which is why business owners and marketers must adjust to this new pattern. WordPress users don’t have to break any sweat when it comes to this. WordPress simplifies mobile responsiveness with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a plugin that not only makes your WordPress site compatible with mobile devices but also boosts the speed of the site.  Remember that Google needs to locate a portable form of your site. This rendition ought to be of an indistinguishable quality from any mobile device. A low-speed site on mobiles or a low-quality outline may influence your rankings adversely.

Final  thoughts
Deploying the best WordPress hosting has its benefits. Since it spares marketers and business owners from a great deal of work, it is best suited for this segment. Moreover, users will have a lot more advantages from WordPress than some other hosting and CMS providers. To put it in a nutshell, WordPress is by far the best option for SEO and will be for a long time to come.