All About Digital Marketing Trends

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

Technology has already taken businesses by storm. Online marketing trends are now getting bigger and bigger. More and more people are going online when it comes to boosting their business! Why? Because in our modern world, technology is growing and adopting it is the only way people can succeed with their businesses and even among individuals who want to grow more. The future of digital marketing will be expected to get even bigger and bigger, with all the emerging trends in digital marketing, It will surely bloom more. So if you are one of the business or company owners who want to try the latest digital marketing trends, then better read and be familiar with the guidelines we would be sharing. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Everyone should Know 

Artificial Intelligent

AI is now being used to aid people in their businesses, it is now one of the top marketing trends. Isn’t it entertaining to see robots acting as customer service representatives in some establishments? This scenario makes customers entertained and it can even attract more customers to visit your business if you use AI in your restaurant, car wash, or any other business establishment. AI’s are programmed to have the capability to do simple duties just like people. They can even read human behavioral patterns that’s why they fit in giving services to customers. 


Answering every customer’s query using messenger apps is hard to monitor, recent trends in digital marketing include chatbots to address this issue? By using chatbots simple questions can be answered immediately and customers don’t have to wait to get an answer. What’s more, it works 24 hours, they are also perfect for booking systems since it is capable of following a process where the customers need to be booked on a ride or a schedule or even take orders. 

Video Marketing 

People nowadays are more into watching than merely reading content on the websites they browse or even on social media platforms. Video can capture more attention compared with text and photos. Creating short clips and incorporating them on your websites or ads can be more attractive compared with other strategies. This is one of the internet marketing trends that claim to have higher conversion rates. Use the power of social media platforms to spread your videos and link them on your websites so you can direct your clients on how to buy your products or avail of your services. 

Influencer Marketing 

Recent trends in digital communication and digital marketing include Influence marketing. A lot of people are becoming influencers, because of their achievements in the digital world and some because of the skills they have from their academic excellence. These influencers can partner with you in your business to promote your product and services and they can benefit in return. Be wise in choosing the right influencer that can be able to create traffic in your platforms, find someone who has followers who might be interested in your products and services. In this way, this strategy would click. 

Visual Search 

Visual search is one of the new trends in digital marketing, this can take the user into a new experience. Generations now love looking into new things and like to have things easier. Visual search works with images, instead of typing text, you can pull an image and search it on search engines and sites where the visual search is available.  

Voice Search

In digital marketing news and trends, comfort is the number one agenda in giving services to their viewers. People are so busy with their daily routines that sometimes it’s easier to say than to write.  Voice search is also on the list of google trends digital marketing. Apps were created on mobile phones and even on desktops to respond to voices and commands from their users. This strategy has made life easier for people when searching online. 

Trending digital marketing topics are everywhere, IT experts are trying their best to continue discovering ways on how to make more top digital marketing trends. They meet the growing demands of people on the fast-growing digital marketing trends. If you are a business owner then it’s high time to get familiar with this and invest in hiring digital marketing experts to boost your digital and real-world marketing.