An Abundant Living System

An abundant living system is derived purely from the habits of thinking abundant thoughts over and over again until it becomes implicit. A true abundant living system is not some business or company that defines it. It is simply an abundant way of thinking, being and doing things which leads to an abundant life.

Abundant living system is a system of thoughts that flow in harmony with the feelings of abundance and creates a vibration of abundance to manifest abundance. You can easily tap into an abundance just by systematically breathing in the infinite air that is supplied to us by the creator.

The ocean is massively abundant that you could not even be affected even if you displaced millions of gallons. There is a law of abundance that flows through Mother Nature and even through you. You have an infinite source of energy flowing through you that causes your heart to beat and pump an abundant supply of blood on an unconscious level.

You take in an abundant source of air through your lungs because you are tapped into the source of all life and this source of all life gives abundance in a very abundant way. The earth lives on an abundant living system and so should humans.

An abundant wealth system is a system of wealth that is in alignment with the natural flow of abundance that flows through the mind of a man financially. An abundant wealth system is a system that services enumerable amounts of people in whichever way they can be served abundantly.

The creator never created scarcity because everything that he created is good. Therefore the source being an infinite intelligent source, it could only create life abundantly. There is an abundant way of living and it starts with an abundant way of thinking. Abundant keys are knowledge that if used correctly will create the flow of abundance within in your mind.

The Abundant living System starts with a mental thinking system that becomes automatic in the brain over time. When you realize that life is abundant and infinite you start working from a different plane. Abundant living system is a formula for your mind and body to follow that constructs abundance. Realizing that life is abundant is a way to align your thoughts with a infinite system that flows like air or water through the ocean.

Becoming an intelligent being is merging with the infinite source that gives life to all things. Choose words that express and reflect abundance in every way and all scarcity and lack will dissolve. You will realize that the only limitation is the limitations of your thinking. Creative thinking comes from a creative mind system. System stands for Save Your Self Time Energy & Money so an abundant living system is a living system that saves your self-time energy & money. This system sounds a lot better than living paycheck to pay check with linear income only.

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