Artificial Intelligence Memory Recognition Training

For it artificial intelligence computer system to work properly it must be trained to adapt, move and make decisions based on the input from its sensors. If we are to design unmanned aerial vehicles which seek and destroyed enemy targets of opportunity, then we must train that computer system to recognize shapes and objects for multiple directions, skews and perspectives. One way to do this is to train the artificial intelligence systems memory using a 3-D CAD/CAM device which displays the object and rotates that object around on its axis. In doing so the artificial intelligence memory system must take still photos or digital renderings of each potential perspective.

The information obtained from this exercise in memory input must be coupled with other information in a recognition system. For instance just because it object is a certain shape does not mean that particular object years the real or is the actual target. Because, as soon as the enemy knows that we have program the artificial intelligence system running the unmanned aerial vehicles in this way, they will put up shapes of potential targets in wait until the unmanned fighting vehicle fires upon the decoy and thus gives itself away.

Artificial intelligence robotic systems in future combat fighting forces in the Net-centric battlespace will not be cheap to build and losing such devices in combat will escalate the cost of war. If a nation’s purpose in having a war is to serve its political will over the enemy as Carl von Clauswitz states, then it must be done efficiently otherwise it makes no sense. In some cases it seems nations like the United States will go to war and spend more money than they would have if they had bought the entire country; Afghanistan for instance.

As universities and military contracted research and development facilities work on these problems on target identification with artificial intelligence robotic systems for unmanned vehicles, they must consider getting the data sets in 3D into the system and having a backup system to further verify the target prior to firing upon it and giving away its position. Likewise as other hostile nations program their artificial intelligence weapons systems, we must constantly be tinkering with decoy systems to give their units to fire upon our decoys so we may immediately return fire destroy them. Consider all this in 2006.

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