Books Scanning – The Way to Preserve Them for the Future

Scanning a book is the process of converting content of a physical book into electronic texts and images. A book can also be converted into an e-book through scanning process. The scanning enables the reader to read the book on the screen. Scanned books can be accessed or retrieved easily whenever required. Scanning the book also helps to preserve it securely free from mold, vermin, and insects for any number of years. These insects can easily eat up the protein and starch component present in the paper and can spoil your precious book completely or leave it damaged and unfit for reading.

Most common file formats used in the scanning are DjVu, Portable Document Format (PDF) and Tagged Image File (TIFF). Raw images and text can be converted using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into ANSII text or any other format of choice. It reduces the file size completely and enables the user to edit any documents easily.

Scanning a book is easy only if you are well aware of the techniques. If you do not have enough knowledge in scanning then book scanning could turn to be a nightmare. Book scanning is completely different from the document scanning. If you want to scan a book effectively then you have to understand thoroughly the major differences between ordinary scanning and book scanning. The eight differences includes book thickness, curved pages, see through image, text boxes and captions, pictures and graphics, spell checking, page number and headers, title, sub titles and keywords.

You can leave the document on scanner and press the scan button and save the scanned page as a file to your computer system directly. But this is completely different story with Non-destructive way of book scanning. Whenever you are scanning you are taking an electronic picture of the page. This can be done by implementing a dedicated book scanners.

By scanning you can turn your decade old books into electronic document and preserve it for any number of years. Scanned books also can be turned into e-books and you can read while on the move or share with your friend easily. You can also safe guard your old books from accidental fire or flood.

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