Coolest Laptop Cooling Part 1

It is amazing how many laptops/notebooks have ineffective heat dissipation in the case.  Poor laptop cooling is a top reason for system failures in my humble opinion. A computer system without good free flowing air circulation will have its hard drive, CPU, motherboard and battery life greatly reduced very quickly.

If you have had your computer for many years, it might need to be open up and have the dust cleaned out. A lot of dust will accumulate inside of your case after a period of time. Case and CPU fans will get so dusty that they will either slow down or stop working completely. The danger of overheating vital components will than become imminent. You might need some critical enhancements in air circulation to help your hardware stay cooler. A really good sign you need some better air flow in your computer case is when your fans are so noisy that you can not hear yourself think. Accumulated dust will make fans noisy and reduce vital air flow, causing overheating issues.  Your computer will actually slow down and start giving you strange performance issues and error messages when heat rises.

If your case and fans are practically dust free, than you might want to look at some good air movement devices out on the market. The more air circulation you have providing more cool airflow, the better your CPU and other hardware will run. It will also extend the life of your expensive computer.

There are some great ways to improve your laptop cooling.  You could turn your house or office air conditioner down to say a nice cool 50 (°F) or 60 (°F) degrees. But that would not be practical. Besides, not enough cool air would be push inside of your PC case to make that much difference.

What you might want to look into are some well made secondary fans for your notebook case. These electric fans are provided as external secondary cooling for your  notebook. They do not replace your existing components like your case fan, CPU fan or any motherboard heat sinks. They simply add extra cooler air to prevent computer hardware from overheating.

Hey, by the way did you know that the cooler your hardware runs the faster your system will run. It’s true! The hotter your case and system hardware gets the slower it becomes. So look into some good air flow movement boosters before it is too late!

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