Discover The Features and Benefits of the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drums

There are several options to choose from when you have decided to pick a digital drum. Despite the fact that you may have a lot of money, it is best that you get your money’s worth when you are buying an item. This is a complex task when you look at the numerous options that are before you. Therefore, it is best that you take a few things into consideration before you purchase your electronic drum kit. Take into consideration these factors that I consider vital:

1. Experience
2. Level of Skill
3. Lifestyle
4. Performing needs

There are electronic drum sets and drum machines then, in between the two, there is Yamaha’s DD-65 Digital Drum Pad. To a greater extent it can be considered an electronic drum set. I began using these electronic drums mainly because they are portable and can be taken anywhere, hassle free. I was not willing to get the usual five piece drum set and even worse, a miniature drum set. Then I found the perfect solution in Yamaha’s digital drum pad DD-65.

The Yamaha DD-65 is very amazing because it weighs only about 20 lbs and is perfect for the standard snare stand. This drum is perfect for practicing and for beginners who desire to play the drums, but not so much for gigs in small clubs or playing in an arena.

The features of the digital drum pad DD-65 by Yamaha:

1. A MIDI and USB input jack that aids playing of tracks with music software
2. Built in speakers
3. Two foot switches for high hat and bass drum playing
4. Bass drums that are pressure sensitive
5. Fifty built-in kits
6. 200 sound programs
7. 32-note polyphony technology
8. Parties and fun for practice

As mentioned previously this is not considered a drum set for intended gig playing. To maximize its potential it should be used for practicing or if you want to have a jam session with friends outdoors. What I am not impressed with is the built-in speakers. They do not have a lot of power and you will not get a great sound. You will get a pinch of sound that is alright, but you will get better quality when it is plugged into a pair of amps or a set of power speakers in an effort to get sound and levels of volume that are impressive. All in all the digital drum pad by Yamaha DD-65 is perfect for practice and is good for a percussion student that has decided to learn how to play the drums.

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