EPABX System Advantages

EPABX System Advantages

EPABX System is a requirement of every office but most of the people are not know about the advantages of this electronic machine. This is really magical machine in the world of telephone communication that reduces unnecessary human efforts and save your valuable time it is also save your money.

EPABX is stands for electronic private automatic branch exchange. It is also known by
PABX (private automatic branch exchange). This is an office phone system make connections among the internal telephones

The features & advantages of EPABX are as below:

Welcome Massage, this machine is helping to customization of welcome messages for the concern company like welcome to VishwaMART, delivering technology; your call is important to us, please dial your extension number or hold. Such type of welcome message can be integrated with system.

Interactive Voice Response, this is an inbuilt feature in EPABX system, in which user can set the automatic voice response system, so that the caller redirect to the concern department or person as per the requirement of the caller. It is being monitored electronically in the system.

Auto Attendant, in case of the not picking up the phone manually to the concern person extension, the system is picked phone automatically and ask to drop the voice message, this feature is also very helpful to the organization so that they can not loose their messages or contacts which may be more important to the company.

Automatic Call distributor, this machine is also working as the automatic call distribution system which is again a helpful feature to the company where not any employment required doing this it is being done electronically.
Automatic Ring Back, if the call distributed automatically to the concern department or person and its not picked over there its automatic ring back to the reception extension or any other extension where you would like to re direct at the time of installation. In that case the manual operator can handle the call and re forward it to the concern person.

Auto Call Forwarding, if the concern extension is busy or absent from his seat, the call can be forwarded to his/her mobile directly. This feature is helpful to the caller as well as to the call receiver to get message over his mobile which was being redirected from his EPABX.

Call Parking, feature is to make hold to the caller where the concern extension busy over an other call then all new call can be park same time for that extension and when the old call disconnected the new call ringed over there.

Call transfer facility is helpful to the dialer as well as to the receiver of the phone in case of wrong extension receiver can transfer the phone line to an other place where exactly the requirement is. Conference call is the best feature of this system by which the employee or personnel get connected at the same time from deferent location and they combine converse to each other without any interference.

Call waiting is the facility by which the user can get the information about an other call the same time as per the importance of waiter, user can switched to another phone and get converse. Music or an announcement is being done at the time of hold; this announcement can be customized by the organization as per the requirements.

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