Forex Megadroid – What’s So Unique About the Forex Megadroid Robots?

Forex robots created the most reliable, and one of a kind robot in today’s industry – The Forex Megadroid. Unlike older versions of forex robots this robot has certain unique features that make it a little different from the rest. The developer of this product are John Grace and Albert Perrie, they have designed the product based on the strategies they have used in Forex trading. Also, they designed the software in such a way that it thinks, learns and trades like a human being. In fact, Perrie and Grace fashioned the software to make this robot and have incorporated more effective technology into this software, so that auto forex trade does not rely on historical data alone. The one of its kind features are:

The RCPTA Technology

RCPTA stands for Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis. The RCPTA technology is the core that makes the MegaDroid work perfectly under almost any market conditions like trending, non-trending, volatile or non volatile markets. It not only works in all kinds of market conditions but can also forecast future market changes that would occur in next 2 to 4 hours, adjusting itself to it. The RCPTA is the nucleus of the forex robot under review; this is the first time that a technology of this kind is incorporated into an automated trading system. Forex Megadroid is made by taking note of the market today and its users’ necessities. This innovative technology is initiated in this software for the very first time. It is based on Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this, Forex MegaDroid makes intelligent decisions that make trades successful and very profitable.

Adaptability Feature

This is the first forex robot that has an Artificial intelligence or what we called AI. Artificial intelligence known as machine intelligence is defined as intelligence exhibited by anything manufactured by humans or other sentient beings or systems. It is applied hypothetically to all-purpose computers most of the time. Forex Megadroid will learn that if one trade resulted to loss, this valuable information from that experience will be used in future trades.

These are just some of the reasons why the Megadroid has become popular and is a one of a kind robot in today’s industry. Indeed, the Forex Megadroid is different and unique making it incomparable to the other forex trading tools in the market.

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