Genomics, Freezing Cells, AI pathology, and Living to a 100

Did you know that in 2020, for the first time in history, the world population of over 60 is bigger than the one under the age of 5? For the first time in history, the population is about to decline heavily.

This fact shows something else too. It shows that the lifespan of humans has extended and now we aim even higher. Various technological advancements help us reach older age and live longer. Some predictions say that in the next 15-20 years, humans may even reach living 100 years on average.

For this to happen, though, we need to implement some of the technological inventions known right now and are proven to work. In this article, we’re going to go through some of them, and share the interesting world of technology and biology combined. Follow up if you want to know more about it!

Genomics has the potential to make superhuman

According to experts, the genomics industry is going to be a $41 billion market until we reach 2025. Thanks to the benefits from this field, people will be able to extend their lifespan, but more importantly, the life of their children. See more about it here.

This is a highly controversial topic that is under a lot of debate, but if used properly, humans may become disease-free, raise their immune system to enormous levels, and forget about genetic diseases that are being passed from generation to generation.

What scientists do here is to explore the vast amount of information in the DNA of the patient and find out where they are more vulnerable. With complex biotechnologies, they can alter the DNA information making people resistant to all kinds of conditions, diseases, and vulnerabilities.

Human brains and bodies are amazing machines and just a little twitch inside the system can make tremendous changes. Doing this on millions of people will provide an entirely new and more dominant race that can go as long as 100 years without a problem.

Freezing cells provide back for later years

It is a common practice for athletes to spend some time in the mountains breathing fresh air and recover their bodies from the previous season. This time there generates new, more powerful oxygen-induced blood cells that have a much bigger capacity for doing their function in extreme situations.

After this treatment is over, the athletes are extracted with a number of their blood cells and preserved frozen. These frozen cells are kept under precise and perfect conditions in the lab. When the time comes, and an important match is about to be played, these blood cells are brought back into the bodies of the athletes making them faster, stronger, and more powerful.

This type of treatment can be used for many different needs. Patients that have the predisposition to develop a particular condition or disease later in life can ask for cell extraction that can be used for treatment later in life. Moreover, the technology will be even more advanced then, and this step will be even more appreciated.

Using AI for the benefit of patients

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, already finds use in various industries across the globe. Medicine and healthcare are just some of these fields. Some might ask, how artificial intelligence will and computers help us with our longevity plans, but the answer is truly simple.

Right now, facts tell us that AI-driven computers are much better and more accurate in detecting deadly diseases than any doctor. Let’s take cancer, for example, one of the reasons for millions of deaths across the globe every year.

It is well known that early detection of cancer saves the lives of patients by more than 90%. However, doctors do not always manage to set the proper diagnose and miss the existence of cancer cells in the body. This is not happening with the AI robot doctors which are much more accurate in setting the right to diagnose.

If we can set the right to diagnose every condition and disease in time, there will be no need for extreme conditions after which patients cannot recover. Early detection will solve the problem before it becomes serious and deadly. That will eventually preserve other organs too, and help us reach older age. Learn more about AI and healthcare here:


We’re all aiming for longer and better life. It seems like time has come to make one more step towards extending the human lifespan. If we implement these technologies in the standard way of treating patients, we can expect some amazing results.

For this to happen, technology will need to further improve, and people will need to trust the doctors that robots are their new best friends. With longer lives, people can experience more and achieve amazing things.