Key Secret to Successful Forex Trading – Systems Overview

A key secret to successful Forex trading is Forex trading systems. Forex systems bring together popular, and hopefully profitable, trading techniques and patterns designed for currency trading. Some trading systems have also been developed and incorporated into sophisticated automated Forex trading systems that have trade wins over 95% of the time, even while you sleep. 

You probably know this but Forex trading systems are important in successful trading whether developed individually over time or purchased from some other developer. Forex systems are generally divided into two groups. 

One group is predominately a manual system whereby you develop or purchase the system that usually includes charting software, other than the typical Metatrader software from brokers. Additionally the system will likely include certain currency pairs to watch and chart patterns to observe. When one or more characteristics develop then an entry signal is displayed or recognized whereby the trader places an order to buy or sell. This approach can be very labor intensive and time consuming. After all you have to be constantly watching the charts to see the entry signal. If you take a break you may miss a trade.
The next group is the rapidly developing automated Forex trading systems. These systems also incorporate many complicated algorithms plus the typical chart pattern recognition related to certain currency pairs. These systems recognize the entry and exit criteria and place the appropriate orders, independent of someone being present. 

The automated Forex system can trade 24/5 while the manual trader cannot. Additionally, while all of the basic parameters can be changed in the automated system by the trader, the actual trading removes a key issue, emotion, which can be a real problem for traders.
Both methods should also include the very important areas of money and risk management. These key areas are typically built into the automated systems and have to be calculated each time by the trader in the manual systems.
Okay, you are probably thinking, where is this going? Well the trader emphasis is moving rapidly toward automated Forex systems. While the manual systems have been around for years and have been successful, the automated systems are quickly becoming preferred by experienced and new traders, for various reasons, e.g. simplicity, ease of use, time leverage and high trade win ratios.

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