Natural And Organic Way Of Controlling Home Pests

Most of the time you use strong chemicals and poison to remove home pests like cockroaches, lizards, bed bugs and flies. While they are very effective way of eliminating pests, these chemicals and poisons can be very harmful to your health. They can cause damage to you, the soil, and mostly your pets and children. Well there are also many natural methods that are available in opposed to the potentially harmful chemicals. These methods may not be very strong but they are effective as well as safe.

One of the most natural ways of controlling garden pests is to culture beneficial insects. There are a classification of garden pests that are known as bad insects while there are some beneficial insects that eat these bad insects as their meal. This is one very natural and organic way of controlling garden pests. The beneficial garden pests can be kept by keeping certain plants in the garden to which they are attracted.

Look for natural repellent in the market. There are many organic oils that repel home pests. Spraying this repellent automatically keeps home pests away from your home. They are also not hazardous to health and affect your nerves and respiratory organs.

Bed bugs cannot bug your home or mattresses if you keep them clean, put them in bright sunlight from time to time, and flog the mattresses occasionally. Also wash the bed sheets and pillow covers with hot water which kills the bugs. This will not allow bugs to attack your house and force you to apply chemicals.

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