Programming Artificial Intelligence Versus Social Engineering Political Correctness Considered

As we begin to program artificial intelligence, which will obviously in the near future surpass human intelligence it is amazing what some people are not realizing. We are teaching and programming artificial intelligence software programs to think logically and systematically.

We put these systems and all sorts of robotic accessories from unmanned aerial vehicles to computers, which help us make decisions. We teach them to be rational and to make their decisions based on the input coming in from sensors. The artificial intelligence programs pick the best and most logical answer to a problem literally by stereotyping, observing and using percentages, profiling and most probable guesses based on the input.

Now then, through social engineering, socialism and liberalism we are teaching humans and programming our young to disregard stereotypes and prejudices. Isn’t it interesting that when we wish to perform a task that has to be right the largest percentage of the time to protect the people it is to serve that we will use an artificially intelligent machine, which thinks counter to the way that we are social engineering and our human societies?

It seems to me that this points to a problem with liberalism, socialism and the Democratic perspective. Does this mean that liberalism is a lie and we have to infect computers with artificial intelligence to prove it to us? Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, as it is just an observation. Consider this in 2006.

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