Projectors – Advantages and Drawbacks

Owing to their varied uses, projectors have become the most sought after electronic equipment. Although, a specific projector may not fulfill all your needs, there are some that can be used for both home as well as office use. While at home, a projector can be connected to a DVD player or set-top box to watch your favorite programs in a theatre like setting, the office use of a projector includes displaying lectures or presentations for a large number of people.

However, like most other electronic gadgets, digital projectors too have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is worthwhile to study these before you select a projector that will best match your needs and requirements.

Advantages of Projectors

Large-Sized Picture: Digital projectors can be used to create extremely large sized images akin to those seen in a cinema hall. Although a movie projector with very large light output can generate images of up to 300″, even commonly available digital projectors are capable of producing sharp pictures as big as 120″.

Advantage While Creating Small Images: Even if the projector is used to produce smaller sized images of up to 60″, it can still save you a lot of money when compared to a LCD TV of the same size. Moreover, the picture at this size is very bright and can even be used with a few lights on.

Saves on Space: A ceiling mount projector does not occupy any space on the floor and remains mostly unseen when not in use. Even a retractable screen can be put out of sight when not in use, which is better than a bulky television set that is difficult to move frequently.

Ease of Installation: Other than ceiling mount projectors that need an expert for installation, a normal projector is easy to setup and can be done without much effort.

Disadvantages of Projectors

Light Can Play Spoilsport: A projector works best when operated in low light conditions as the pictures produced are clearer and brighter. This can often prove to be a disadvantage when you are addressing a conference where your audience needs to take down notes.

Costly Maintenance: The maintenance cost of home theatre projectors is often on the higher side than that of a LCD television. The lamp of a projector needs to be replaced occasionally, depending on your usage and the projector model.

Separate Speakers Required: A movie projectors either has no audio of its own or has very little sound that is inadequate if you want to watch movies or television programs. Therefore, setting up home theatre projectors requires purchasing a separate audio system.

Ceiling Mount Projectors: If you are looking to ceiling mount your movie projector to save up on floor space, it should be noted that the process can be a little tricky and may require the services of an expert. Also, a projection screen will require separate installation.

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