Supreme Trading System Review – The Automated Horse Trading Software

Have you heard of the Supreme Trading System? I’m sure you would have if you have any interest in Betfair trading. It is the latest Betfair ‘miracle’ tool that supposedly makes tons of cash on Betfair. We’ve heard all these claims before, but does this software really live up to its name?

In case you didn’t know what is trading on Betfair, it is the buying and selling of bets at different prices, with the goal of making a guaranteed profit between the differences. It is a big business in the betting exchanges, and in the past it was all about the weight of the money and the demand and supply. Nowadays however, it is impossible to simply rely on the weight of the money indicator to predict odds movement anymore. The competition is too intense with too many people trading the weight of the money that it is not worth the effort anymore.

The Supreme Trading System does not use the weight of the money indicator at all. It is an automatic trading selection software that picks the exact races and horses that have the best chance of steaming in during the day. It is not a gambling system (whereby you have unsettled bets going into the race), but a complete trading system (where you achieve the ‘green screen’ and make the same amount of profit no matter which horse wins).

The Supreme Trading System then accesses Betfair and picks the potential trades for the day. It even has a built in strength indicator that I have found to be alarmingly accurate. The strength indicator shows you how early you can expect the horses’ odds to start steaming in.

I started testing Supreme Trading System on the exact same day that I bought it. Allocating a small bank of $50 to it, I fired up the software and realized that half of the days’ races had already started. There were still about 6 horses left, and I used the software to trade on 4 of them, because 2 of them did not qualify with the system in the end.

By the end of the day, I had a bank of $64.47 remaining, which was about 28% return on investment. I had only traded on half the day’s selections, so I am sure I could have achieved a higher ROI for the day.

The Supreme Trading System is currently selling at the launch price of $77. It certainly looks very promising, and requires no prior research on the horses before the trades. If you would like to see more features and screenshots of the software and my testing results, you can find them by following the link below.

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