The Advantages of Having a Mobile ATM at Events

There are various benefits of having an Automated Teller Machine at any type of event. Whether it is a sporting event, food festival, a party, or concerts, ATMs allow individuals to spend money to their heart’s content without worrying about monetary restrictions.

But having this machine at events are more than just making attendees and customers spending more cash. It is about letting these people enjoy the event without worrying if they have enough cash for their way back. For event organizers who think that having an Automated Teller Machine at events is still not worth their time, energy, and money, they need to explore some of the benefits of owning this device for events.

The advantages of owning an Automated Teller Machine

Cash or money carries a lot of benefits over credit, all of which can make events very successful. These machines are considered one of the necessities in this current digital age and can significantly influence how individuals react to these happenings. Other than that, listed below are some benefits to having Automated Teller Machines on these occasions.

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Attendees will spend more

Starting with the most apparent reason: These machines make people spend more at events. Various studies and researches have shown that more or less 80% of individuals who use these devices on various occasions end up using the money they just withdraw. And if the party or music festival is happening for the first time, individuals will definitely need ATMs since they do not know what will happen.

Individuals stay at these affairs

One of the most important things in these affairs is to engage the audience. Even better – keeping the clients committed to a point where they will not leave the site for anything except if they exhaust all their energy. These occasions run at a flow, and once that flow breaks, it rarely comes back. Research shows that individuals who leave the site to get cash do not usually return for various reasons.

Small vendors benefit from these devices

Small businesses are usually the lives of food festivals, but they don’t accept credit or debit cards. They only accept cash when transacting with customers. And if people want to eat from them and do not have an Automated Teller Machine nearby, these individuals will get frustrated.

Organizers of these events, as well as companies, have to make sure that the people attending stay calm and enjoy the festivities by providing machines for them to get cash instantly. Although it sounds strange to complain about these things, a good festival can quickly turn sour if people do not have easy access to these facilities.

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People are more comfortable spending cash

Individuals are more comfortable spending cash instead of credit while purchasing something or availing services. Not only are they more comfortable because of quick transactions, but it is also because of the lack of future payments. With cash, individuals can pay immediately and move on with their lives instead of worrying about the future payments they need to make.

ATMs are usually almost free

If there are surcharge fees associated with ATMs at events, banking institutions are usually there to cover them. These institutions almost always sponsor these devices for free, since it can provide them their needed exposure to more audiences. It makes all the more favorable to every party involved, especially the people organizing these festivities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of devices work best at outdoor and large affairs?

By far, the device of choice for outdoor and large festivities are portable and mobile event ATM machines that can be easily moved and placed as needed. For outdoor events, experts recommend weather-proof models that can withstand extreme weather conditions and elements, as well as enhanced security features to prevent fraud and theft.

What if the device needs repairs or maintenance during the festivities?

Through different programs, repairs and maintenance are not a problem for business owners. Some companies handle these aspects for owners, free of charge. If devices run out of cash or stop functioning, teams will be readily available to fix the issues.


Automated Teller Machines are a must-have in any festivities, no matter what type of event is happening. Whether it is, a concert, food festival, or an exhibition, these devices can make every experience more engaging and immersive.