What else can my ISP offer?

How to Choose the Best Internet Provider?

An ISP or internet service provider, is a company which uses either cable, satellite or digital connections to provide the internet to your home or business. There are various ISPs available, all of which offer a broadband connection, but have differences in terms of the costs of their services, as well as how they transmit the data.

When choosing an ISP, look out for any extra add-ons or services that they are able to provide to you along with your internet connection. Internet companies services may be free or paid for, and will include things like software, cloud storage, web hosting, and more.

Here we will look at the 5 services that could be offered over and above the internet connection provided by your ISP, and whether or not they are actually worth getting:

1) Free or paid-for antivirus software:
Free antivirus software is often identical to the free versions that are available for download from various sites. ISP’s may offer premium antivirus software that you will pay for, but which will guarantee 24/7 support features that will protect your computer and data from any viruses or threats. Antivirus is an important thing to have, as data can be so easily corrupted or lost to hackers. Once it is gone, it is a costly exercise to try and get it back or repair your computer or laptop.

2) Email Addresses:
While having an email address related to your ISP might sound like a great idea, it is not always ideal as companies often go through mergers and name changes which will affect your email address. Should you wish to change ISP’s, you will have to update your email address every time, as well as have to notify all your contacts of any changes. This can turn out to be a real pain. There are many free email providers that will not require any changes.

3) Tech Support:
Tech support is generally very important, as they are able to help you with the installation and configuration of your connection as well as any accompanying hardware or software. Customer service support centres can help troubleshoot any issues you may be having with any devices. Having access to anytime tech support makes life that much easier, as you can deal with your issues promptly.

4) Free Hardware:
Some ISP’s try to sweeten the deal by offering a free tablet or laptop as a promotional gift when signing up for their services. While these are not always of the highest quality, they have their benefits as being a backup device should anything happen to your existing one.

5) Cloud Storage:
Cloud storage is a fantastic way of not only protecting your data and media, but also of saving space on your device. Free or discounted cloud storage is a great means of safeguarding any data in case of hardware and software crashes, viruses, loss due to theft, etc. Cloud storage through your ISP may be cheaper than other data protection companies, which still provides you with excellent safety.