Which laboral fields are not likely to get automated in the future?

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Thanks to technology, most jobs today are automated making them easier, more efficient and accurate than could be done manually. In as much as we celebrate the technological advancements and all the innovations it has introduced, there is a downside which is the adverse effect on the workforce. With the increase in automation, the rate of unemployment increases as well. Since most jobs are now performed by machines, a ten-man job can now be done by just one machine, reducing the need for human labor. Studies by McKinsey & Company have shown that every industry has partial automation potential. Although we can agree that innovations lead to the creation of new categories of jobs, many present jobs are gradually going extinct.

Even though technology is taking over several aspects of human endeavors, we can all agree that certain jobs might not be automated and we will take a look at some of them.


Healthcare providers

It’s no doubt that automation has played a huge role in the health sector. However, healthcare providers cannot be completely replaced by automation. Patients will love to be attended to by humans with feelings and emotions, and not computers that may not understand how they feel. Computers are run on programs and most times are not disposed to change, hence a little change or abnormality can damage them, whereas the body is a maze of unpredictable activities that could change at any time, hence human minds that can comprehend change are needed in the healthcare industry.


Teachers and instructors 

Technology has also impacted the education sector, as more online courses are introduced every day. However, it cannot fill the gap for teachers, there will always be a need for physical instructors who can reason with their students, answer their questions and even mark written assignments. Simply put, the full value of education cannot be felt without teacher-student interaction. Even online platforms like Shaw Academy reviews and others require instructors to teach their students.



Creativity is a work of the mind and the brain, all of which we can agree that machines do not possess. Computers can take over the creative jobs of writing, designing and so on, but the vibrancy and unpredictability of artistic creativity is a gift that only humans possess.


Counselors and social workers

These are the sets of people that are trained to offer support and advice to people who are going through tough times. They are people trained to that understand human emotions and provide comfort and direction, a job which technology and machines will not capable of doing.



The idea of a machine defending me in court does not seem probable or acceptable. Lots of people will be worried about these machines being tampered with or experiencing glitches at inopportune periods. Besides, people who can understand and argue based on human understanding are needed as court defense.



There may be some arguments on this one, especially with the development of surveillance cameras and the likes but there are people who watch over these cameras to make sure they are doing their jobs; hence this job cannot be fully automated.


Computer system pundits

Quite the irony, isn’t it? However, with the ongoing technological advancements and innovations, there is a need for the people who come up with these ideas as well as put them into practicality. These technologies are invented by humans; automation cannot invent itself.

In conclusion, even though a large aspect of the workforce is threatened by automation and technology, the truth remains that most of these innovations still require human aid to function. And there are still tons of jobs that cannot be carried out by technology, so people should keep abreast of evolving technology to ensure that they equip themselves with skills and knowledge that will be marketable even in an automated world.

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