Why Your WordPress Site Needs Jetpack?

With WordPress powering nearly 40% of all websites today, hosting providers are offering specialized services to manage and run these sites. This is where Jetpack proves to be highly useful. Jetpack is a special toolkit for WordPress and includes everything required to secure, speed up and grow a website. Widely used by hosting providers offering managed WordPress hosting plans, Jetpack reduces the time taken to launch a site besides providing tools and support for running it. Let us find out more about the features of Jetpack and how it benefits WordPress sites. Do look out for hosting plans whose web hosting price includes Jetpack.

Features of Jetpack

Jetpack is a toolkit designed especially for WordPress-powered websites. This easy-to-install toolkit is offered by WordPress hosting providers in India. Included in the web hosting plan of your WordPress hosting package are Jetpack features like backups, malware scanning, and site search. The toolkit comes with spam protection features and other security tools that provide brute force attack protection, downtime monitoring, activity logging, and secure authentication. Jetpack also includes a toolkit called Boost that helps make a WordPress site lightning fast.

Reasons to Choose Web Hosting with Jetpack

Some Reasons to buy WordPress hosting with Jetpack are:

  • Get a Safe and Stronger Site– The security features like secure logins and protection from brute force attacks ensure that your website is safe and strong.
  • Faster Page Loading– The inclusion of a lightning-fast CDN or content delivery network ensures that your website pages load quickly and boosts visitor traffic and business.
  • Increased Traffic– Features like automatic social sharing, related content, site search, and customer management boost the traffic to your website.
  • SEO Tools- The inclusion of SEO tools in the jetpack toolkit ensures that your website is SEO optimized and so ranks higher on the search engine pages. This helps in brand building and boosting business.
  • Easy and Efficient Functioning-WordPress hosting plans in India that include Jetpack ensure that the users do not have to find, evaluate, install, activate, learn and configure WordPress plugins. All this is done automatically when you buy hosting plans with Jetpack.
  • Access to Tools– Jetpack provides industry-leading traffic, engagement, and social tools to the website owners providing them with the necessary tools to build and launch a successful website.
  • Quick Access to Customer Data- Jetpack’s CRM or Customer Relationship Manager feature tracks all data about a customer including purchases, social media interaction, and marketing engagements thereby helping a website to analyse information and formulate future policies.
  • Simplifies Management of Multiple Sites- If you are running more than one WordPress website, Jetpack can prove to be highly useful. The manage feature enables the running of several WordPress sites through a single interface. This allows you to easily manage all sites, publish posts, respond to comments, and update plugins.
  • Publish Posts via Email- Highly useful for blog sites, this feature of Jetpack allows quick uploading of new posts from a remote location with reliable internet. By using your connected e-mail addresses, you can post new real-time content.
  • Monitors Website Downtime-Jetpack’s monitor features keeps track of the time your website is down and sends emails and alerts to help you in the quick resolution of the issues.

These multiple benefits offered by the Jetpack features ensure that your WordPress website runs smoothly and efficiently. Do check the web hosting price and features before finalizing the best plan for your WordPress website.