Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

Digital pianos are much more like a full scale piano in electronic version than a keyboard you see in electronic stores. Therefore, you’ll not find digital pianos which have less than 88 keys. Digital pianos allow you to adjust the volume, so if you would like the sound, feel and function of an acoustic piano, the digital pianos are the proper choice. And in the event you plan on utilizing a restricted amount of voices, digital pianos are excellent, as most digital pianos include only 10 -20 additional voices (organ, grand piano, harpsichord, etc) and do not have some of the more exotic voices like harmonica, accordion or animal noises which you could find on synths or keyboards.

Today, I’ll review Yamaha P155 digital piano, which featured professional grade sound quality.


The Yamaha P155 is the highest quality digital piano that I’ve ever reviewed. The capabilities of the models below it (P85, NP-30, P140) is featured on this piano. Yamaha P155 is going to become marketed towards the intermediate to the professional musicians.

Graded Hammer Action, which featured on Yamaha P155 allows the player to make use of expression and touch to their music that ensure to create a professional grade sound quality. The P155’s Graded Hammer Action imitates the effect of a real pianos which have strings that range from very thin to very thick. The heavier hammer weighting towards the bass part in the keyboard and lighter hammer weighting within the higher areas.

To make sure the finest grand piano sound for the P155, Yamaha attributes it sound quality to its unique recording source: Yamaha’s finest 9-foot concert grand, a handpicked CFIIIS. Subsequent, a master piano technician painstakingly tuned and regulated the CFIIIS to sonic perfection. Then Yamaha applied their Pure CF Sampling technology to accurately capture every aspect in the CFIIIS sound, keeping post-processing to an absolute minimal to preserve sonic integrity throughout. For all those of you not familiar with how digital tones are recorded from acoustic tones, the Pure CF is really a top notch recording system utilized to transfer sound into electronic form. This made a really authentic grand piano sound with powerful, dynamic bass, warm mid-range, and crystal-clear highs.

The 4-level Piano Sampling system is unique to Yahama digital pianos. It gives the capability to make use of extra expression. Based on how hard or soft you press a key, it’ll respond with a tone relative to how heavily you pressed it.

Yamaha P155 comes with two built-in speakers and two 12 Watt amplifiers. It allows you to practice at home and you do not need additional external PA system.
So, you can always plug one in in the event you need one or if you’re performing.


  • 128 Polyphony
  • 17 Voices
  • 50 Preset Piano Songs
  • Tuning/Transpose
  • Metronome
  • 7 Demo Songs
  • 2 Stereo Headphone Jacks

What’s In the Box
Sustain Pedal, AC Power Adapter, Music Rest, Owner?s Manual

Great Price
According to the high quality of this digital piano as reviewed above, it ought to be priced more than $2000. Nevertheless, most retailers and music stores cost the Yamaha P155 at below $1000.

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